Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sweden's officials are as stupid as can be ... UGH !!!

Sweden's first suicide bomber....... let's keep a count. Stockholm: Mad Muzzie ONE ....... Dec 11, 2010.
What pure sweet luck that he kills only himself.  However, two innocent shoppers were injured when the car bomb went off.

Now, let me elaborate why the flaming title of this posting:

Below is what the Swedish officials are said to be saying about the terrorist bombing- what's been said here is what is otherwise known as "political correctness" ... you know.... the deadly disease that is akin to a form of madness afflicting "white" people. Muzzies are going stark raving mad afflicted with islam and whities are going starkier raving mad afflicted with political correctness.

I have highlighted the portions that I think are stinky dumps of political correctness. Keep your nose pinched.

1) The terror threat alert is not being raised from its current elevated level, although security police are investigating the attacks as "a crime of terror," spokesman Anders Thornberg told reporters. "When we go through the existing criteria and the series of events that occurred, it fits well within the description of a terror crime," Thornberg said.

2) The attack "is unacceptable because Sweden is an open society and an open society which has stated a wish that people should be able to have different backgrounds, believe in different gods or not believe in any at all, and live side by side in our open society," Reinfeldt said at a news conference.

3) Thornberg did not confirm local media reports that the man who died had explosives strapped to his body.

4) "If this is a suicide bomber, then it's the first time in Sweden," he told The Associated Press.

5) The security police said then that the terrorism threat in Sweden remained low compared with that in other European countries.

6) Police spokesman Anders Thornberg told reporters Sunday he is not ready to describe this as a suicide attack

7) Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt called Saturday's blasts as "a most worrying attempt at a terrorist attack."

8) Mr. Reinfeldt, speaking at a Sunday press conference, said that investigators were still working to establish links among the two explosions, the dead man.

9) And talking about the email that was sent to news agencies a newspaper editor says: Mr. Skeppe said there was no indication in the e-mail what sort of an attack was planned, or when. “They didn’t mention that anything specific would happen at all,” he said.

10) Mr. Reinfeldt, responding to a question about potential racial tensions Sunday, encouraged Swedes to “have patience.” He said that Sweden’s “openness is worth giving ourselves the time to get to the bottom of this,” and warned of jumping to the “wrong conclusions.”

And there are lots of other examples that enforces my belief that whities are dying from the deadly disease of Political Correctness and that is the main reason why and how the muzzies will take over your countries, much to the chagrin of brown people like me who are immune from the disease that is ahold of you and strangling not only your voice but your spirit and soul as well.

Dammit ... I should have stayed back in my country of origin and never migrated to a "white" country full of white zombies, suicide-bent in their own special way.

I was one of the first bloggers in Canada, in fact in the very first few weeks of my blogging, I had written about Malmo in Sweden and how heavily moslem it was becoming and how there were so many "no go" zones propping up in Sweden where the white citizenry of Sweden were not welcomed. Here it is, alongwith a vid.

Some of us can see the unfolding of the universe in ways that it should not. 

Some of us are determined to make others  pull their heads out of the sand even if our blogs become "toxic material" to those of you who are afflicted with the deadly virus of Political Correctness.

My blog will always remain as toxic as I can make it.

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