Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On this and that

1) If you want to do something, even if it is very tiny, to show how much you despise the loony left and their "boycott Israeli products" mantra,  then go here and register for updates on how to mitigate the Israel-hatred emitting from the Left by buying Israeli products.

2) Minnesota turning into Somalia .... mind you, this vid is from 2007... so, you can well imagine how much more intense the situation must have become by now.

3) Rex Murphy's in NP talks about the Left's unreasonable take on Palin's hunting trip where she shot a caribou.

4) Korean war is coming. More weapons will be tested... that's one of the main reason why these modern wars are fought anyway. It's just a matter of displaying the kind of weaponry the USA or Russia or any other nation has readily available on the market. This Korean war which is now looming over the horizon should be dubbed "Korean Arms Exhibition" because that's what it will be.

h/t: MF/Tom

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