Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The plot thickens.... but wifey prefers living in a cocoon of taqiyya

Mohamed Harkat is another lovable character, many of whom are found in plenty in our  dhimmified land of Canada filled to the brim with dhimmis and lovers of taqiyya spouting rabble.

.....In March 2000, according to the same document, Mr. Harkat decided that the only way to overcome his problems with Citizenship and Immigration Canada -- his application for permanent resident status had not been approved --was to get married.

One month later, according to the disclosure, he found a new girlfriend, Sophie Lamarche: "Harkat did not want to put pressure on her in order to get married, however, he was thinking of keeping her as an alternative."

Mr. Harkat married Ms. Lamarche in January 2001. "Later in May 2001, Harkat revealed that his marriage with Sophie was not serious and he could leave her at any time," the disclosure says.

That same month, he told his mother he would return to Algeria for an arranged marriage with fiancee Khaira Abdel Khader, once his permanent status in Canada had been secured. ......

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