Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Assange's arrest and the rumors and whatnot floating around

The biggest rumor is that TIME magazine is going to name this guy "Person of the Year". Hard to believe,  but sadly that's how the wind blows these days in our lefty world.  The badder you are, the better you stand to win.

1) There’s an unnerving conspiracy theory doing the rounds online today, which goes something like this: Swedish prosecutors issued an international arrest warrant for the WikiLeaks chief, Julian Assange, because they were quietly ordered to by the CIA/US Government for political reasons. In milder terms, this idea was first proposed by his lawyer, Mark Stephens – who hasn’t yet contradicted his client’s claims of an international “smear campaign”. It has also been reported prominently by the BBC. Today Assange’s admirers have already started a kind of vigil on Twitter, saying things like: “Only a matter of time before they fabricate ‘evidence’ against Assange & lock him up.”.....

2) Is this rape ? This is totally ridiculous. Wasn't the damage being done by Assange via wikileaks enough of a crime to put him behind bars? Do the authorities want to make bigger asses of themselves by accusing him of this kind of "rape"?

3) More here

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