Thursday, December 23, 2010

In which Venezuela welcomes Iranian missiles and how Anna Nicole Smith bribed in the Bahamas

1) Iran ships missiles to Venezuela.... Obama skipping about with leis around his neck having fun in Hawaii. The world getting loonier every minute. The Monroe Doctrine is dead. Missiles now endanger America like nothing has ever had before. Remember guys, if America goes down we do too. It's one thing to envy your neighbour, it's quite another to wish a thunderstorm hits your neighbour's dwelling and at the same time leave yours without a scratch.

2) Parcel bombs explode at the Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome.  2 people injured. This is either the work of leftists or moslems. It's getting pretty hard to distinguish between the two.... both mind sets have dead batteries.

3) Anna Nicole Smith and the devastation she left in the Bahamas.   She might be dead, but the devastation she left behind in the Bahamas in high places, according to Wikileaks,  is something else. 

4) Are you a scientist and would you like to work for mad mullahs in Iran?    You are badly wanted in Iran. Iran is busy recruiting nuclear scientists from around the world as the ones they had/have seem to be going up in smoke.

5) Strange heist of copper in Quebec.

6) Statscan results get some giving high fives on Population Growth ... but isn't it Quality that should matter, not Quantity?

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