Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh no, no.... Hate Crimes in New York

So much hate directed at these people .... do they really deserve it?

Yeh ... I know what you thought I meant !

All the hue and cry about how there is that "islamonausea" you would have thought that those who bring on the "islamonausea" would bear the blunt of all that hate floating around in New York... right?
Sooooooo.... whose's been lying to you ?  Is it blogs like mine or the MSM and the wishy-washy politically correct blogs of both the Right and the Left ?  

How many hate crimes do you read about on a daily basis, hates crimes committed by those that bring out the retching nausea in many of us.... instead of the other way round?

And yet the MSM keeps insisting on using those new words like "islamophobia" a word invented by "islamobuttkissers".

We can all be inventors of words, can't we?

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