Friday, October 29, 2010

Okay ... now let's see... who were the critics of the Conservative Govt when the UAE was told to take a hike ?

Liberals of course. The short-sighted knuckleheads can never ever get it right... NEVER. Yup ... this is the same country that was trying to blackmail us to add on additional flights of Emirates Air and Al Ethihad. This is the same country that instigated other moslem countries to refrain from voting for us  to be a member on the UN Security Council.  Well, well, well...  now we  can see that, not only were they trying to undercut our own airline Air Canada, but their planes would have been transporting bombs/bomb material/jihadists/bio-weaponry and God alone knows what else right unto our soil. 

So who were the knuckleheads who thought the Conservative govt was WRONG  and  did not have a clue about foreign policies?    So, Liberals .... do you still think the Conservative govt's foreign policy decisions suck or do you ?

The Liberals slammed the Conservative government for creating the conflict with the UAE, saying the dispute is threatening the success of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

“The Harper government should make a high-level, last-ditch attempt to persuade UAE to accept a six-month cooling-off period, with a Canadian commitment to treat UAE with respect, for a change, and to negotiate reciprocal airline landing rights in good faith,” Liberal MP John McCallum said. .......

Liberal MP John McCallum said the dispute is "not good for either side," and advised that "in true diplomatic fashion, the Canadian government at the highest levels should approach the UAE to seek a cooling-off period." ......


  1. I totally agree with you. Where are the Liberals now, shouting about respect? Our foreign policies are based on facts and not emotions like lefties like to use as valid arguments.

    So, we aren't friends with UAE anymore, boohoo!

  2. It wasn't just the Liberals.
    Both Bob Fife and Jim Travers on CTV's Power Play seemed more surprised than usual when they talked about how this all played out and even shook their heads in disbelief at how poorly they believe the government has handled things so far.

  3. Fife, Travers, Taber, both Dons and I could go on forever, but we know all of them. They are the sellouts of Canada.
    NDP socialists are also on the bandwagon. See items with respect to Liz May. Unbelievable!
    E Mac.

  4. All these people we have mentioned have a never-ending zest in their quest to put down the Conservative govt.
    Not a single iota of a thought is given to the consequences of irresponsible actions which might lead to events and situations detrimental to the country. All they can think about is how to relentlessly criticize the minority govt.
    Traitors all, IMO.

  5. I agree with all the comments.
    How can these people look themselves in the mirror little own face Canadians each day.

  6. US news reporting they have found 2 of 15 packages.
    They are still looking for the other 13, assuming their intellegence is correct.

    PMSH has a sixth sense of sorts, and takes decisions accordingling,
    the media calls it luck.

  7. NeilD, E Mac…I miss Duffy.

    No one in the MSM ever points out to the supporters of UAE’s own funded airline’s use and abuse of labour laws to maintain their aircrafts and support infrastructure. This unfair competition would sink any competitor, especially Air Canada, whose own inflated prices keep northern and small community air service barely affordable in Canada.

  8. Wilson .. 13 more packages? Earlier today on one of the forums I visited someone said they didn't know why the FBI were looking at even tiny packages like envelops and the person was told that there was intelligence to indicate that some bio-weapon, like a plague virus could have been sent.
    We are living in scary times.


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