Thursday, December 16, 2010

Web crawling finds of Dec. 16

1) Roman statue resurfaces in Israeli waters. They are calling it the Lady of the Sea. The statue is about 4 ft tall and weighs 440 lbs. Unfortunately, the lady has lost is head to the sea but has kept her toga and beautifully detailed sandals on for all to see. Long lost statue found after storm in port of Ashkelon

2)What the Ottawa police did to a young girl, Stacy Bonds, who was on her way home from a pub, not bothering anybody, not rampaging in the streets, not DUI ... just walking home, maybe a little wobbly but who isn't when they are a little tipsy... so, what the macho policemen did to her is totally unforgivable and in my opinion these officers should not only lose their jobs they should be punished and Stacy Bonds should make herself rich by suing the Ottawa Police Services by millions of dollars. Ottawa Police and democracy.   I had written on this sorry episode earlier too here last month.  What happened to this young woman should be a wake up call to Canadians to see what kind of police personnel are being recruited in those supposedly halls of "citizens protectorate".

3) The senseless murder of Sonia Varaschin from Orangeville in August remains unsolved. Now, the police seem to have given the public a "psychological profile" of the killer. They have been watching a lot of Criminal Minds episodes, I guess. Read this and see if you don't think of several of your neighbours, friends, family members,etc.etc.etc.

Police said that in the days following Veraschin's murder, the killer's routines changed and may have seemed out of the ordinary. He may have also had unexplained absences from his usual activites. There may have also been an increase in alcohol or drug use and may have seemed irritable, agitated or anxious.

4) Ed West in the London Telegraph hits the nail on it's head and drives home the real purpose of the UN's World Conference Against the Jews.... er... not Jews sorry, against Racisim. What was I thinking ? Silly me and silly  all those who thought the conference was to spew hatred and bile against Jews by moslem nations.
5) So... where is the accomplice of the Sweden bomber? Will the dhimmified police in Sweden really look for him or just make a pretence of doing so? What kind of a loony goes to his 72 virgins leaving behind a beautiful wife and three gorgeous kids? Have you noticed how most of these blasted suicide bombers are from privileged families and well educated? Just goes to prove that without a proper upbringing all those doctorates and degrees one is showered on in Universities equals to just  toilet paper ... used one.

6) Marry a Malaysian moslem, keep drugs on your premises, get caught and then before you know it your pretty little neck might be hanging from a rope. What else is new ?

7) A mad lefty loony goes shooting in a school board meeting. I have yet to read the entire thing .... but I think it will wind up showing us the other side of lefties.... the nuttier one.

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