Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You gotta laugh at the CBC .... they are hilarious clowns

CBC's Natasha Fatah would like Christians in the Netherlands to ditch their Zwarte Piet or Black Peter, a folklore character that is popular in the Netherlands come Christmastime, as she thinks that this age old tradition of the Dutch is a nasty, nasty thing to do now that there are so many black and brown faces in The Netherlands.  She thinks the dolls and other stuff showing a black-faced depiction of Black Peter in both little boys and girls is not a good thing in a multicult society.  

My...oh...my.... Fatah's way of thinking is exactly what is  the ever-growing problem in the Western world, a Western world  that was foolishly stupid to welcome us black and brown people into their folds. As a brown person, it irks me no end that people like me escape from the constraining ideals of our own ugly countries to the richness in culture,wealth, health and freedoms of the West and within a few short years we scream, rant and throw tantrums to change things in the countries of our adoption to make them more akin to the ugliness we have escaped from.

Sad that there are individuals like Natasha Fatah in plenty all over Canada amongst the immigrants to this country... tantrum-throwing, change-seeking, ungrateful immigrants.  To get accepted by Canada as immigrants, these same people would have been willing to remain on their knees before the immigration officers begging and weeping to let them in, and once they are inside the country.... lo and behold... they become like Natasha Fatah.   All in a twist and atwitter to change things and traditions and rules that they perceive as wrong in the countries of their adoption.

Sadder still that the CBC, an entity that loots the Canadian government upwards of 1 Billion dollars of taxpayers' money, seems to collect such specimen of immigrants like Fatah and massages their thinking into creating even bigger clowns than they were to start with.

Update:  And then, on another note... thank the good Lord for people like Firoozeh Dumas

h/t: SD

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