Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Afghan scumbag being trained by US trainers, turns around and kills six

This is simply frustrating.   Like many Canadians, I am against our troops being in Afghanistan after the previously arranged exit date of mid 2011, that's the date our PM had promised to bring back the troops.  Now, all of a sudden, the PM alongwith the opposition  have decided  that our young men and women will continue being there way into 2014  as non-combat personnel training Afghans to freaking fight their own battles.

Those animals there know only to kill, kill and kill.   The decision to keep Canadians as trainers in Afghanistan well into  2014 will come back to haunt not only Prime Minister Stephen Harper but everybody  involved in the decision to extend the Canadian project in that godforsaken country.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Six American service members who were training Afghan Border Police officers were killed on Monday when one of the trainees turned his gun on them, the Pentagon said.

The shooting occurred in the Pachir-Wa-Agam district of Nangarhar Province, which borders Pakistan and includes the Tora Bora mountains and the cave complex that was one of the last hide-outs of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan after the invasion by American and allied forces in 2001......

The above link is nowhere to be found.  Here's what I could salvage from the internet before these are scrubbed too.

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