Thursday, December 30, 2010

New York, New York

The most yuckity yuck mayor that New York has ever had in it's entire history, is gonna be buried deep in the snow still piled up a mile high over his city.

Yippity Yip and hurrah ! The warlock's is seeing his last days, hopefully, as this fiasco should be the end of all those dreams he's been having of being a resident of the WH.

Here's more of why the dhimmi mayor will dimout soon Good riddance to the lover of moslem butts.

Of  late there have been many disclosures of the Mayor and his office's knee deep involvement in the ground zero mosque.

JudicialWatch org has the yucky details on how this money loving scumbag of a mayor and his cohorts are selling America to the highest bidders.

How can there be hope for our Judeo-Christian nations when people of these faiths are worshippers of one god and one god only.... MONEY.

Money loving Jews and money loving Christians are handing our nations to the moslem invaders on a plate filled with other frills too... the other frills being our chopped off heads.

h/t: MF

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