Friday, December 10, 2010

See Canada's future 30 years from now in 2040

Oh... I know when you read what's about to happen to Ivory Coast you will find it hard to digest that something similar could happen to Canada.... but you can chew on it for a while and it will become quite manageable to swallow.

About 30 years ago if you had said to the people of Nigeria and Sudan which were largely Christian countries then, that in less than two decades their countries would start turning islamic.... they would have laughed at you and told you that you were paranoid and insane because  the muslim population in those countries was  too  small  and that the Christians were in a strong majority both politically, education-wise and everything-wise.

What happened to Nigeria and Sudan is on the verge of  happening  to the Ivory Coast.   Yet another nation is about to go into full islamization mode. All it takes is for people to think their way of life... the Judeo-Christian way of life.... is theirs to keep forever.

The fate of the Ivory Coast lies in the hands of the Useless Nitwits and I don't have to tell you which way the wind blows at the UN.

Without fighting to keep moslems out of  Canada from right now, Canada will be lost too within a few decades.

It has happened before in other parts of the world.  We are not that special  to think we are immune from this happening out here in the West.

Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and so many other nations..... what was the muslim population in those countries 30 years ago ? 

History keeps showing us hard facts and yet we avert our eyes and our minds to truths that we fear to look at.   How and when did we become such cowards ?

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