Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh..oh ... what's going on with the sleeping dragon?

Have you noticed that many incidents having to do with China that would throw an unfavorable light on that country are kept under wraps by the MSM?  I have a couple of far-left friends who are staunch admirers of China and no matter how many times and in how many different ways I try to expose how China's policies and their government is very devious, underhanded and are still in the business of  suffocating  it's citizens' basic human rights of speech and assembly, these two lefty friends of mine vigorously insist how great that country is and how at long last it is rightfully taking it's No.1 spot on the world podium. The fact that the MSM seldom ever point an accusatory finger at China is ample evidence that most of our media is tilting heavily on the Left.

Check out the following story from Forbes and judge for yourself the kind of tricks China seems to be playing not only in their own backyard... but as we have been seeing of late... their tentacles are all over the map... whether it's in the financial, military, trade or whatever... they are prominently there.

On Saturday, a Chinese fishing trawler sank after colliding with a South Korean coast guard vessel. The incident occurred 170 miles southwest of Seoul near Eocheong, an island in the Yellow Sea.

The South Koreans rescued eight of the Chinese after their vessel capsized. One fisherman died, and two remain missing. South Korean authorities have detained the eight survivors for questioning.

Seoul released video showing Chinese sailors on the 63-ton vessel fighting a pitched battle with iron rods to prevent the boarding of their craft. Four South Korean sailors were injured in the fracas.

About 50 Chinese boats were illegally fishing in South Korean waters at the time. Seoul maintains the Chinese craft intentionally rammed the 3,000-ton coast guard ship to permit the other Chinese trawlers to escape. Seoul has not shown footage of the fatal collision.

The incident this weekend recalls the intentional ramming of a Japanese coast guard vessel in early September by a Chinese fishing boat near the Senkaku islands, which are controlled by Japan. China claims the islets and outcroppings as its own and calls them the Diaoyus. Japanese authorities detained the vessel’s captain, who Tokyo believed to be a Chinese naval officer.......

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