Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boycott Aqua Condominium, Queen's Quay W, Toronto .... management hates Christmas

If you are thinking of buying or renting a condominium in or around the waterfront, give Aqua Condominium a miss   unless you are also against Christmas like the management of this condo building.

Now, let me make a safe bet. The BOD of this condominium must be full of leftish scumbags or moslem dirtbags. Any takers ?

Wayne Bradshaw is forbidden to hang a Christmas wreath on the door of the unit he owns in a west-end Toronto condo.

The building’s board of directors has prohibited such decorations. And Bradshaw, not understanding why, is furious this holiday season.

“I notice that people here in Canada hang a wreath, so why shouldn’t I be able to hang one?” said Bradshaw, who moved to Canada from Barbados 30 years ago. “I just want to be like everyone else in Canada. Everyone else can put a wreath up at Christmas, so why can’t I?” ...............


  1. Unfortunately, Paula... in Canada, and especially in Toronto, we have a very large population who are far-left and many who are atheists. They all want to be politically correct and don't want to show any partiality to any one religion. Canada used to be a Christian country.... sadly it is becoming a largely "anything else but Christianity" country due to the influx of moslems and the powerful leftists in this country who have all aligned with the moslem mentality of hating Christians.

  2. Oh I see. Thanks for explaining everything. :)

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