Saturday, December 11, 2010

From the internet

1) 15 dead, scores injured in Kandahar car bombing.... and our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cohorts the opposition parties are all okay to keep Canadians in that hellhole until 2014.... of course all in the name of helping the Afghan people.... no other motive whatsoever. They will not tell you that they dare not turn down Obama's request that Canada prolong her stay beyond mid 2011. No, no.... the decision to remain in Afghanistan is purely a Canadian decision and it's purely a non-combat mission to train Afghans to kill Taliban as well as infidels. Irony of ironies. And these decision makers are the very same people we Canadians elected to power.

2) This was no drug deal gone bad or mistaken identity killing. This was a targetted killing of a young man by a gang of hooligans who had something either against the victim or his family. Also, this is the first time I am hearing about moslems involved in drug dealings in Canada.

3) Sins of the father. Madoff's son offs himself.

4) Black magic alert. All sort of  kooks  found travelling on airplanes these days. Geez !!!

5) Developing nations v/s "rich" nations. Take a guess who wins and always does.  BTW, can you call a nation "Rich" when 10% or more of it's population live like the homeless, only difference is that they have a home but not enough income for it's upkeep and for the upkeep of themselves... I am thinking here of the thousands of pensioners in Canada who live on  a  tiny fixed income and  a huge tonne of dignity which will not let them put out their hands begging for the Govt's feeding bottle.  Is there anyone keeping track of them?  Can Canada be considered "rich" if those who made it so and now living in poverty ? 

6) Police flood home in Newfoundland to get at man barricaded inside. Man inside = 1, RCMP efforts to get him = 0.

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