Monday, December 20, 2010

Bring our troops back home as promised by mid 2011

Canadians troops were supposed to be home by mid 2011, that's what was promised by the Prime Minister of Canada who has now gone back on his word. 

I so hate to agree with the far left NDP  leader Jack Layton... however, the man is 100% on the mark with this statement:

I think a lot of people, as they see the level of corruption in Kabul and Kandahar, are asking themselves more and more, what are we doing there with our troops?” 

Our Prime Minister is making the biggest mistake of his career by letting Canadians remain in that hellhole until 2014. This is one decision that will come back to haunt him time and time again throughout his life. Every death in that hellhole after the previously agreed to exit date, should be a hard hit at the PM's conscience.... and make no mistake.... there will be deaths. That's a given... whether there are combat troops or just training personnel there... there will be young Canadian men and women dying because our politicians did the dirty on them.

Jack Layton and his party should be making a louder noise but only a whimper comes out now and then. Even Michael Ignatieff the leader of the Liberal party is speaking volumes by his silence on this volatile issue of extending our stay in the cesspool of  that continent.  The three main political parties in Canada are more in  sync with Barack Obama's stance and desires than  with any thought to the well-being and wishes of their own citizens.   
Training personnel are in the line of fire even more than combat troops and these links here will show how needlessly these young people's lives are taken away because our politicians are as proficient in taqiyya as the enemy we fight and are moreover they have become experts in breaking their promises at the drop of a hat.

I feel very strongly that Canada has done enough to show our support to the USA and we have stayed a member in good standing of NATO by fighting over there and  shedding Canadian blood in that hellhole at the other side of the world.

The Afghans should be left alone to either fight their own battles or die trying. The corruption, betrayals and hypocrisy which are the trademarks of  people following the ideology of that insane creed  are simply not  palatable to non-muslims, not  for long anyway,  and the wisest thing Canada can do now is to call it quits and get out of a war that can NEVER ever be won.  You can try straightening  the curve of a dog's tail by putting it in a pipe for years on end but when the pipe is removed the tail will curl up again... it's the natural order of things.  And it speaks true of  those murdering scum out there in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and elsewhere in the moslem world.

Let the moslems  kill one another.... the less of them walking around, the better for the rest of us.

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