Monday, December 6, 2010

Yeah Obama .... now apologize to Britian

Everybody knows how low you can bow and how high you can go praising America's enemies and apologizing to them all over the world. Let's see you doing the same some more, this time with the allies of the USA.... if you can remember who they are.

The Obama administration makes an art form out of wrongly apologising for America’s past on the world stage, usually before America-hating audiences – witness Barack Obama’s embarrassing speeches at the United Nations, Strasbourg and Cairo critical of the war in Iraq and the War on Terror. It goes to great lengths to appease America’s enemies such as Iran in the name of “constructive engagement”, grovels before Vladimir Putin’s Russia to secure a dangerous new START Treaty that threatens US security, and extends the hand of friendship to genocidal regimes such as Sudan. In the meantime, key US allies from Israel to Poland are given short shrift, under a failing foreign policy whose mantra seems to be “kiss your enemies, kick your allies.”................


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