Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why gays love being in the army

Doug Giles of ClashRadio deduces why gay guys want to be openly serving as killers in the army.

Number one: It’s Dude Central.

Number two: The military lends itself to the gays’ fastidiousness over everything being orderly because everyone, from top to bottom, is required to keep their clothes, boots, room and gear nice, neat and shiny.

The third—and probably most important reason why I’m guessing that homosexuals would want to join our armed forces—is that they get to kill al-Qaeda and their murderous Muslim ilk. ...............

As for the gay gals, according to Giles, here's why:

In regard to why lesbians join the military, this is also an easy one: no heels, no makeup, no chatty chicks on cell phones, you can cart a few extra pounds without being shamed into looking like Lindsay Lohan by Michelle Obama, and … you get to blow crap up and wear camo. I can empathize. .......

h/t: Irene

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  1. every one understands the way they feel like but let me ask some thing what if a gay joins the army and never have to kill any of al- Qaeda, I think because people have not yet get used to gays and lesbian in some cases this can mean that they need a place there they can be free from judgmental world. black magic love spells


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