Sunday, December 12, 2010

Faster, faster Britianistan ..... death awaits you .... Part Twenty Five

The cowardly British govt. wants to hide the war dead homecomings in order not to rile up the muzzies. That little spark of hope we were entertaining  that EDL's efforts of late might turn the tables on the muzzies... it's turning to cinders.  How can the people be heard if those ruling over them have thunderous voices that can drown out everything reasonable and everything good?  This is the state of the world today. Governments all over the non-muslim nations are cowering in fear of muzzies and  falling on their knees hoping they will be the last on the murderous madmen's list.

THE world-famous parades organised by the people of Wootton Bassett to honour our war dead are to be axed by Ministry of Defence chiefs sparking fury among grieving relatives, locals and soldiers.

Huge crowds line the Wiltshire towns high street every time our fallen heroes are brought home from the front line.

And images of the poignant public outpouring of grief have been flashed to millions of TV viewers across the globe.

But the MoD believes the parades are a public relations disaster because they spotlight the unpopular conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and underscore White-halls failure to organise an official tribute to the dead on their final journeys.

Now mandarins are drawing up plans for a new route that would avoid Wootton Bassett altogether outraging the 11,000 residents of the town dubbed the most patriotic in Britain...........

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