Saturday, December 25, 2010

I tried, I tried, I tried ... not to write about those blasted moslems today... and failed

Is it any wonder that people look down on this damned ideology and the people following the cult of islam ? I was so hoping I would not have to write anything about this cursed cult today but with the number of news items floating around and all to do with the cavemen, it just cannot be helped.

What is wrong with these people ? Why can't they live like normal human beings for once? What a horrible curse they are to non-muslims around them all over the world.

In India:
..."It is going to be a violent attack which will cause disruptions," said Himanshu Roy, joint commissioner of Mumbai Police. "They have recently arrived in Mumbai. We are not in a position to reveal their nationalities now but they are LeT members." The four men were named as Abdul Karim Musa, Noor Abul Elahi, Walid Jinnah and Mehfooz Alam. ....'

In the Phillipines
A crude bomb exploded on Saturday in the roof of a Roman Catholic church at a police base on a Muslim-dominated southern island in the Philippines wounding six people, an army spokesman said. The Catholic priest celebrating the early morning Christmas mass was among those wounded, said military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Randolf Cabangbang. Cabangbang said about 100 people were at the service in the main police base on the island of Jolo, a stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf, a small Islamist militant group with ties to al Qaeda.

In Australia:
Three Islamist fanatics plotted to attack one of the country's largest army bases and kill as many people as possible in what would have been the worst terror attack on Australian soil.

In Afghanistan:
here's proof that Iran terrorists are involved heavily in Afghanistan.

In Bethlehem:
Crosses no longer seen on sourvenirs because they will anger the blasted moslems appeasing these cavemen does not mean that it's going to keep you safe, what a stupid wrong notion to think like that.

In Iraq:
Churches empty and Christmas decorations are put away after al-Qaida renews deadly threat

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