Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Midnight Cowboy is more than Smart about SMART

Jon Voight is unlike most of the Hollywood loons he is forced to pally around with.  For America to adopt the SMART treaty is not smart and he knows it.... albeit the fact that even Republican presidents before Obama have been for it in one way or another.  When you have two capable arms attached to a fully functioning body, would it not be madness to tie one arm behind your back, willingly, and  insist  that the rest of your body make do without the use of that arm ?
....."Every American citizen should be up at arms, calling their senators to reject this dangerous START treaty. Without our nuclear might, we are subject to becoming a very weak nation, and what will follow is something more severe than what our nation is experiencing now with unemployment at 9.6 percent.

"In addition, our allies are very concerned for their safety, and they have warned America not to reduce its nuclear power because we serve as their protectors......

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