Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jesous Ahatonhia .... the Huron Carol of Canada

This carol is an all time favorite on my list of  Christmas hymns.  It was written by Jean de Brebeuf in 1643. Jean de Brebeuf was beatified in 1925 and canonized in 1930.

The statue of the saint is found in the grounds of the Martyrs' Church in Midland, Ontario as pictured on the left. The lyrics are in the native language of the Huron people of Canada... the lyrics of the latter part of the hymn were written long  after de Brebeuf's death.

Merry Christmas to everybody and especially to readers of my blog... be they like-minded or not.  Hope you and yours have a safe Christmas and let us hope that we do not have to go through the hell that the famiies of Alex Zolpis and Jack Tobin are going through today on Christmas day of all days..

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