Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Canada's jingoists to the forefront

Hurrah for us !!! That's showing those arabs what's what !!

The news that UAE, that sliver of a "got too much money sans taste" slice of earth out there near Afghanistan will be charging Canadians $1000 visa fees, which is all too clearly seen as revenge due to  Canada not bending our knees to the fecking arabs' demands to give their airlines more slots than to our own Air Canada   as seen  here and whose planes were instrumental in transporting this and and snakes too for crying out loud.... and all these tantrums from the arabs have got quite a few Canadians seeing red.  Rightly so !!!

Real good to see that the Globe&Mail's article has brought out the jingoism in us when we need to show it, as is evident from the 100s of comments spearing the UAE.  Of course, the usual suspects at the G&M are there too, criticizing PM Harper's foreign policy, blah, blah and more blah. 

I pray that the UAE be full of camel dung forever and may those Canadians who still want to visit that dung heap, smell of camel dung that no body wash or perfume will hide ever.  AHHHMEN.

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