Thursday, December 9, 2010

Instead of getting planeloads of Afghan refugees into Canada...

will the Conservative government please cast their  vote-whoring eyes on the Coptic Christians of Egypt as well ?   Or is that asking for too much of a Judeo-Christian country?   The thousands of Afghan refugees  that are being brought into Canada will turn on you in the very near future.... it's their natural instinct, to hate infidels and surprise, surprise.... you are it.  Anybody foolish enough to disregard natural traits in certain people who are followers of  a certain ideology, will deserve the consequences and the outcome of those "natural traits".
Egyptian cops open fire on Coptic Christians when they were in a protest march and injures 38 children.

Why were the Copts protesting, you ask ?

Wouldn't you if this happened to your church or place of worship?

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