Friday, December 31, 2010

Systematic killing of Christians in moslem lands continue unabated .....

and what do we do in return?  We, of course, send some more bags of money to the moslem scumbags so they can organize themselves with more sharpened swords to slaughter even more helpless Christians. Beautiful world.... isn't it ?!

Have you checked with your government lately, exactly how much aid is going to all those countries spilling non-muslim blood at every chance they get ?  It's your tax money, you know.  You have a right to know what the government does with it.... even if it is a penny of your money.... you have the right to demand that your penny should not be sent to countries that carry out such atrocities.

More Iraqi Christians slaughtered by scumbags Al-Ghadir is an area with a significant Christian population, though many have fled following the massacre and in light of threats by al-Qaeda to target them. The number of Christians left in Iraq is estimated at between 450,000 and 500,000, including around 300,000 Roman Catholics (down from 387,000 in 1980).

Between 800,000 and 1.2 million Christians lived in Iraq in 2003. ......

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