Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Italy's loonies copy the UK loonies

Italy's PM survives a confidence vote and the usual riff raff goes crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.  I was in Italy a few short years ago and everywhere I went there were illegal immigrants and refugees harassing you to buy things from their roadside stalls. I was aghast at the way things were in Italy and the hotel  we stayed at warned us not to go wandering in certain areas as they were the haunts of refugees and were designated as crime-riddled areas.  When governments lose control of their immigration policy, only chaos can follow.

....... Protesters set fire to cars, threw paint and smoke bombs at the Italian parliament and clashed with riot police on Tuesday in Rome's worst violence for years after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi survived a confidence vote.

Via del Corso, the main street stretching through the historic centre, near Berlusconi's office and home to some of the capital's smartest shops, was a battle scene of smoke, teargas and bloodied faces.

Smoke rose from the Pincio Hill above the famed Spanish Steps as protesters set fire to private cars, overturned heavy trash bins and prevented fire crews from putting out the flames.

At least 50 people were injured, including several policemen, and more than 40 protesters were detained, police said. The protesters were mostly students but also included workers and immigrants.

Television pictures showed dozens of people throwing stones at police, with officers in riot gear beating the protesters back and chasing them along narrow cobblestoned alleyways............



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