Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Canada's Lefties go upside down, inside out and make complete asses of themselves ....

over a remark made by Prof. Tom Flanagan.  Seriously, tell me.... how many times have we said that we would like to see someone dead and buried and made such statements in casual conversations .... it's a turn of phrase when you want to convey that a certain person would do the world a favor if he miraculously offed himself or someone did the needful on his behalf.  Governments all over the world must be plotting how to covertly do a Houdini act on Assange and surprise, surprise they won't come on television to make that disclosure, will they?

I have not even seen the clip of Prof Flanagan saying Assange should be assassinated... such a nothing statement to make...... and yet the lefty nutjobs are biting their nails and gnawing at their toes and  going around in circles making like rabid dogs. Geez....... give me a break!!

And to further show you how much  nuttier we are  becoming here in Canada,  check out this statement made by  the Calgary Police Services :

"Due to a number of calls we have received from the public regarding this matter, the Calgary Police Service will be compiling all facts and compiling a package that will be forwarded to the Crown prosecutor's office for review," said Supt. Kevan Stuart in a prepared statement. "The Crown's office will then determine if this is a criminal matter." ......... can things get any more ridiculous in this frozen northern land???   This extreme cold weather must have frozen the hard to find miniscule gray matter in not only the lefty skulls but in some individuals employed in the Calgary police force too.

Public money down the drain with the most silliest of investigation initiatives.  ENOUGH ALREADY !!!!!!!!

h/t: Rob

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