Thursday, December 30, 2010

In which Cuban bar of soap will cost 5 pesos and Birthers crucified as usual

1) Raul Castro will change Cuba... he can see how socialism and communism makes slaves of human beings and keeps them as wards of the state from birth to death. .....Begun by his brother Fidel Castro after he took power in a 1959 revolution, the ration system has been unpopular with Raul, who says it is too expensive and encourages laziness.

Already, peas, potatoes and cigarettes have been removed from the ration book - known as the libreta. Soap will increase in price from as little as 65 Cuban cents (three US cents) to five Cuban pesos - about 22 US cents.

2) hahahhahahha Barack Obama's advisor says 'sharia law is misunderstood". Oh right !!!! Yup!!! Moslem Prez coupled with moslem loving advisors in the White House.... what else is new ?

3) The birthers will be proven right when history is written about this US Prez, or maybe even sooner   ... a Prez who has the uncanny ability to mersmerize almost everybody with the result that very few  dare to bring up the eligibility issue because doing so means they are crucified and ridiculed by both the Right and the Left.  Now, out comes a Hawaiian big shot claiming that he is a witness to "the baby Obama" being born in Hawaii ... but I thought the Birthers wanting to see the real certificate is secondary, as the foremost complaint they have is to do with Obama's father not being American, and that makes Obama "not a natural born citizen". Oh well !! Time will solve all mysteries.... we just need to have some more patience and all will be revealed eventually.

4) A little Taliban girl  tells Indians about female Taiban death squads of little girls like herself.  Unbelievable and horribly chilly.

5) Denmark court lays charges on the scumbags who wanted to blow up an office building housing the publishers of their prophet's cartoons.

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