Monday, December 13, 2010

What gives with the Iranian teen's murder in Ottawa ?

Something just does not sit right here. And to make matters worse, the Iranian propanganda machine has gone in full swing to denounce Canada by warning it's citizens "to take all necessary safety and security precautions when travelling in Canada."

The thing that does not sit right with me are the conflicting versions as reported by Ottawa Citizen.

OttawaSun Dec 13: ....murder of the 16-year-old, Iranian-born student. He was shot, dumped out of a car and left for dead on a street in Chinatown last Monday. Three men are in police custody.

In OttawaSun Dec 10 An acquaintance of witness Daniel Dao, who did not want to be identified, said Thursday afternoon that Yazdan was hanging out with Dao's younger brother, Donald Dao, in a home on Booth Street when Yazdan got a call on his cellphone.

The acquaintance said Yazdan went outside and that minutes later, Daniel Dao heard gunfire and raced outside, thinking his younger brother had been hurt. It was Yazdan instead, and his death marked Ottawa's 10th homicide of the year.

According to the reports, three individuals have been arrested and charged .. so far.

Abdulhamid Wehbe, 20, of Ottawa is charged with second-degree murder, while Zakaria Dourhnou, 18, and Khaled Wehbe, 19, both of Ottawa, are charged with accessory after the fact.

Listen, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this was not a drug related crime but a hate crime between Sunni and Shia moslems. The victim was a Shia moslem and the possibility is pretty high that those charged could be Sunni moslems. If my premise is correct.... then lo and behold.... Canadian soil will be used to continue gloriously the  hatreds these moslem immigrants are bringing into this country and we can keep lots of popcorn handy to watch future unfoldings of similar nature and pick at the lies and half truths that the authorities will put out there for our consumption.

Lovely, isn't it ? Thank your small Lib govt of bygone years and  then give a bigger Thank You to the Big Lib government of Stephen Harper.

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