Friday, December 17, 2010

My oh my.... look who's taking Police Foundation courses !!!!

Goodbye Canada. You are a goner just like your mistress the United Kingdom of Britianistan. No wonder the Police Services alongwith the RCMP of Canada are acting like the hooligans you would expect to find in either Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and the Middle East.... what do you expect when there is a generous  helping of those kind of elements in the makeup of the "to protect and serve the citizens" departments.  Say a big thank you to the Big Lib government of Stephen Harper and the Big Dhimmi at the Defence Ministry.

...A friend of Khaled Wehbe, who didn't want to be identified, said they were taking the same police foundations course at Algonquin College and attended the same high school, Immaculata. The friend said Khaled Wehbe also grew up in Overbrook.

Asked if he was shocked at the news of Khaled Wehbe's arrest, the youth said he "kind of" was because the accused man was registered in the policing course. "But remember, (Overbrook is) not the best neighbourhood, so getting caught up with something like that wouldn't be a surprise."...............

Want to see what the Police Foundation courses are like ?

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