Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prime Minister of Canada stabs Christmas in the heart

Yesterday, I received a Christmas Card from our Prime Minister with evidence showing that he is one of the killers of  Christmas. Along with his cohorts in the opposition parties of Canada , these horrible creatures ganged up on poor Christmas and killed it dead.   That's our Canada.... gone crazy delirous with political correctness which has affected the brains of all our politicians and millions of it's populace. God help the rest of us immune to this deadly disease and unable to live with those affected by it.

There may be snow on the ground on Parliament Hill, but on many of this year's parliamentary holiday cards it's not looking a lot like Christmas.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's annual card has him posing with wife Laureen and children Rachel and Ben on the leaf-strewn lawn of 24 Sussex Drive, autumn light dappling his sweater.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is even more removed from the season, smiling with wife Zsuzsanna at a summer barbecue...........

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