Friday, December 17, 2010

Prez Bill Clinton's legacy ... Serbs tortured and organs harvested

Here's yet another example of the USA and the dhimmi world siding with the moslems and then learning too late that they were criminally stupid to do so. Tens of thousands of Serbs died at the hands of the barbarians and the barbarians were helped in their unholy pursuits by the USA, courtesy Prez Bill Clinton.

Here is BBC's Nik Gowing putting the Kosovo Ambassador to the UK in the hot seat asking some very troubling questions that can no longer be kept under wraps.

It is truly appalling that all indications point to the Prime Minister of Kosovo being the mastermind behind the mafia-like organization trafficking in organs obtained from mainly tortured Serbian prisoners.  The stories are so harrowing... you will get chills.... prisoners begging to be killed instead of their bodies being harvested time and time again and sewn up time and time again.

There were a few voices that tried to bring attention to the plight of the Serbs and to throw light on how wrong the USA, UN and NATO were when they decided to go with the taqiyya spewed by the moslems in Albania and Kosovo and proceeded to make mincemeat of the Christian resistance movement. One of those voices was Pamela Geller when way back in April 2008 she wrote about organ harvesting of the Serbs here.

Another person who knew that a horrendous mistake had been made when NATO under the influence of the USA went into that war aiding and abetting the wrong side, was former US Ambassaor John Bolton.

More detailed story here.
There's lots more to read on this very troubling chapter at Atlas Shrugs and Gates of Vienna websites which are found  in my blogroll on the right.

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