Monday, December 20, 2010

Interesting stuff to keep up with the world around you

In a way, I am sort of glad that I am amongst the millions of jobless this winter. It's so lovely to just sit tight and read, play games, read some more, snack some, check my stocks, play more games, yawn a bit, nap a bit, read a bit more, check my stocks, snack some and keep repeating the same thing over and over again joyously and tirelessly. During the weekend, I visited the library and came back laden with books and vids ... so an abundance of  happy lazy times are ahead.

Here's some stuff to keep up with the world around you

1)Real Estate bubble in China... no, can't be ... ain't we told time and time again that they are the know-all and the do all masters of the universe? China's ghost towns viewed by satellite

2) Soldier lucky to be alive after Taliban scum uses child as shield and soldier opts to take a shot rather than shoot the scum holding the kid as shield. Mad, mad, mad, mad war going on in a madder world.

3) Where your hard earned tax dollars are distributed by the Ministry of Heritage on your behalf... do you agree that this is where your money should be going ?

4) Child molesters hide in plain view.

5) Miracle in toronto. This lady has lots to celebrate this Christmas.

6) PM Harper now has a Conservative  majority in the Senate with today's appointment of two more senators.

7) Al Qaeda keeping track of Canadian Christian arabs. Hmmmm.... and who is helping them keep track, may I ask? Could it be the Canadian moslem arabs?

8) Air Canada's flight attendant gets 8 years for trafficking in drugs.

h/t: MF/Irene/ and via BigBlueWave and BC Blue

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