Friday, April 29, 2011

Jack Layton jacking off in a suspected bawdyhouse in Toronto ?

Yup !!!   Yup, Yup and more Yup.

The guy you would like to have a beer with would be able to entertain you with with details of  the kind of sexual services he loved to receive from "massage" givers.  That would be some beer session... right?  HAH and hahahahahahhaah

SUN TV has just broken this exploding news.

NEVER ever trust a socialist. The very people they pretend to be crying over are the people they screw ... literally

Updates Apr 30:


  1. I can't believe that anybody would fall for such transparent nonsense but obviously I'm mistaken. The dumbification of our politics continues.

  2. Mike Adamson ... do you need a tissue to wipe off your tears. I believe the Chinese girl in the bawdyhouse had one ... oh wait, it was a used one.

  3. If it's actually proven to be true, then its GAME ON. But there needs to be some actual proof.

    I despise the NDP more than most, but lets be sure before we jump to conclusions, shall we?

  4. Yep, typical socialist.

    You can bet if this story was about Harper and had been dropped in Kady O'Malley's lap, Mansbridge would have been discussing it on the National with her. Instead idiot journos like her and Andrew Coyne are all "holier" than their SUN counterparts... but only because the suspected john wasn't Harper. Remember the outrageously overblown "scandal" over the communion wafer? Yet, Jack's handjob... not so much.

    Andrew Coyne actually said he was given this story a month ago and chose to ignore it. What a useless twit; if Macleans had any sense they'd fire him for incompetence.

    What's interesting is how the lefties, including the MSM, all assume the CPC must have leaked the story. The NDP are not a credible threat to the Conservatives. They are, however, a huge threat to the Libs and an even bigger threat to the Bloc.

  5. Mike, Numbered and dated notes from a retired cop + found naked on your back for shiatsu = a "smear" job only by the delusional.


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