Saturday, April 30, 2011

Calling Toronto's Eglinton-Lawrence riding voters ...

Your vote for Joe Oliver is your voice in Parliament.

Conservative Joe Oliver has an impressive background in business and finance and isn't it time you made a change for the better by letting go of the longtime Liberal incumbent you kept voting in election after election? What good has voting for Liberals done for you? Just look at McGuinty's regime of failures, after failures, after failures ... neverending failures and neverending taxes.

Joe Oliver is the former executive director of the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) as well as the president and CEO of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada. This is the kind of experience that is needed to bring our country to the forefront of solid economic revival and potential success in the shortest time frame.

Joe Oliver has an indepth knowledge of not only finance and economics, he has an indepth knowledge of Toronto and in particular of Eglinton-Lawrence and would be a very serious voice on your behalf on Parliament Hill.

Make your vote count for Joe Oliver.... Conservative party candidate.

Disclosure from blogger: Above post enable with info gleaned from InsideToronto website

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