Monday, April 25, 2011

Slavery is alive and well ....But who cares, right?

Victims of human trafficking are just a commodity and more importantly they are not palestinian... so really ... who cares !!!  As long as the lovable teddy bears of the checkered scarves get their daily hugs and kisses from the MSM, the lefties of the world are kept happy. The media is not keen on knowing about real victims ... because they have their hearts, heads and hands full of those supposedly hungry but surprisingly over-bloated and bursting at the waists palestinians, those poor dears that the left in the West cry their hearts out for every minute of early day.

When the victims are anybody but the precious palestinians, the world's media totally ignores their plight. I am flabbergasted that the BBC has reported this given that they are so engrossed in looking for Israeli misdeeds that 99% of their reporters devote 99% of their time listening to graduates from the University of Taqiyyah and then reporting that taqiyyah to their listeners and readers.

With so much misery going on in the world, how can the blasted hypocritical lefties still  think, eat, drink, talk and walk only "palestinian"? Do these people even stop to think for one clear moment of sanity to get a glimpse of  how very low they have sunk when they ignore the real victims in the world and let their hatred of Israel run their lives?

Zaw Zaw's story of being a Burmese worker enslaved on a Thai fishing boat is extreme, but not unusual.

He is one of thousands of young men trafficked into Thailand's fishing industry, which is one of Britain's biggest suppliers of fish.

The 26-year-old spent only three months on board before he escaped, but in that time saw three men killed, watched the captain lace the drinking water with drugs and was forced to work around the clock.

It began as he joined a group being smuggled illegally from his home in Burma through the jungle into Thailand with the promise of a job in a local market or factory.

"On the way, two of the Burmese women were raped by the Thai broker and then they started to beat us," Zaw Zaw said.

They were passed from broker to broker and locked up before being sold to a fishing boat - he didn't know it, but they were being trafficked into what human rights activists describe as slavery..............

video here

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