Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More than 1000 Christians killed in just one town of Ivory Coast ....

some reports are claiming that the moslem Alassane Ouattara's supporters, whom the UN and the world has declared to be the "rightful' winner of the election... are killing and hacking Christians who are the supporters of Lawrence Gbagbo. Gbagbo claims that the election was rigged and that Ouattara brought in thousands of voters from  the neighbouring countries who claimed to be residents of Ivory Coast, got their votes in and that's how Ouattara won the election by fraud. I had written on the Ivory Coast issue a couple of times late last year.

From WashingtonPost: ....Spokesman Patrick Nicholson of the Roman Catholic charity Caritas said workers visited Duekoue on Wednesday and found hundreds of bodies of civilians killed by bullets from small-arms fire and hacked to death with machetes.

He said they estimated that more than 1,000 civilians were killed.

The International Federation of the Red Cross put the death toll at Duekoue at about 800, in separate and independent visits Thursday and Friday.

Nicholson, the Caritas spokesman, said the killings occurred over three days in a neighborhood controlled by fighters loyal to internationally recognized President Alassane Ouattara, though it was not clear who the perpetrators were.

“The massacre took place in the ‘Carrefour’ quarter of town, controlled by pro-Ouattara forces, during clashes on Sunday 27 March to Tuesday 29 March,” Nicholson said. “Caritas does not know who was responsible for the killing, but says a proper investigation must take place to establish the truth.”

Caritas’ investigation would indicate that people were killed at close quarters in a small neighborhood of a town of just 50,000 people as pro-Ouattara fighters began a two-pronged assault that brought them swiftly to Abidjan, the commercial capital and seat of power, within days...................

Today, the French and UN "Peacekeepers" LOL .... bombed Gbagbo's mansion.
How quickly everybody wants to kill a Christian miscreant eh?!!!
Decades and decades go by with moslem dictators killing people in the tens of thousands and they still remain gloriously in power.  Ivory Coast .... if only they had the good fortune to find some oil on those shores! 

And our great Globe&Mail reports that : .... Guillaume Ngeta, joint chief for human rights of the UN mission, also on Saturday night blamed the killings of about 100 more civilians there on fighters loyal to Laurent Gbagbo, Ivory Coast's leader since 2000 who refuses to accept his defeat in November elections......

Now, for the life of me.... I cannot see how 1000 people hacked or shot to death, mostly Christian folks in a town that was controlled by pro-Ouattara moslem killers, was overwhelmed by Lawrence Gbagbo's supporters who are mainly Christian and hacked other Christians to death. Do you? Trust our beloved newspaper The Globe&Mail to go hunting for a piece of news that would throw a malicious hue on the non-muslim guy .... no matter where and what color he might be.  Moslems are the protected species.... always remember that !!!

As for our other beloved paper The National Post ... they have carefully avoided telling us about the massacre of Christians. You see  folks, Christians are far too many.... and can be stomped underfoot like roaches.... don't you know?   It's the moslems and especially the sweet Palestinians that our news media must safeguard and make kissy-kissy with ... not Christians.... no sirreee !!!!

Fecking Canadian media.

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