Monday, April 11, 2011

The burning questions, opinions and responses

All at the NationalReview.  American men have been foreshadowed by American women who are not into sugar coating and mincing their words like the authors below.  The only time outspoken American women might have the need for sugar is when they decide to do some baking.  If you want my opinion, which I know is irrelevant, I would love to make a bonfire of korans and also use some for barbequing some nice juicy pork chops. Yummy !!!

Jonah Goldberg says:  ...Up until very, very, recently the act of burning books symbolized precisely the sort of intolerance and closed-mindedness our culture rightly condemns or at least shuns. It would be a very weird irony if we started celebrating the burning of books as a way to prove how tolerant and open-minded we are.....

and in response to the twisted reasoning above:

Andrew C. McCarthy who is supposed to be an authority on moslem lunacy tactics says:  ....Jonah, my problem with the Koran burning stunt is that it is counterproductive. I hear what you’re saying about decency. But on that score, I don’t find the burning any more offensive in principle than I do its opposite extreme: the bizarro hyper-reverence with which the Koran is handled by the Defense Department.

Down at Gitmo, the Defense Department gives the Koran to each of the terrorists even though DoD knows they interpret it (not without reason) to command them to kill the people who gave it to them. To underscore our precious sensitivity to Muslims, standard procedure calls for the the book to be handled only by Muslim military personnel. Sometimes, though, that is not possible for various reasons. If, as a last resort, one of our non-Muslim troops must handle or transport the book, he must wear white gloves, and he is further instructed primarily to use the right hand (indulging Muslim culture’s taboo about the sinister left hand). The book is to be conveyed to the prisoners in a “reverent manner” inside a “clean dry towel.” This is a nod to Islamic teaching that infidels are so low a form of life that they should not be touched (as Ayatollah Ali Sistani teaches, non-Muslims are “considered in the same category as urine, feces, semen, dead bodies, blood, dogs, pigs, alcoholic liquors,” and “the sweat of an animal who persistently eats [unclean things].”...................

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