Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Canadians of Convenience" in Syria urged to get out

Say goodbye to another chunk of your hard earned dollars going into evacuating these former Syrian citizens who did not really and truly give up their precious Syrian citizenship to settle down in Canada as our beloved government elites expected them to. However, that did not stop them being partial to the goodies that the Canadian system showers on them. 

I will tell you what these 5000+  Syrians with Canadian passports will do. They will not buy their own airfare but will wait for the Canadian govt to ferry them across. Wanna bet ?  Right now, before the uprising there gets any worse, the govt. should announce that these Canadians of convenience will be made to reimburse the expenses that Canada would incur in  getting their sorry arses safely back here..... did you notice  I didn't use the phrase "safely back home" ... that because these people don't  .... oh never mind... I will try to be a bit tolerant because it's Easter Sunday. The  conflict in Syria is bound to be the worst of the arab rebellions as rumors are afloat that the hated Iranian guards are already there assisting the dictator's men in murdering  both protestors and  innocent youngsters attending funerals of those slain.
....The federal government wouldn’t say Sunday whether it has an evacuation plan ready for Canadians in Syria, instead urging those in the country to get out while airports and border crossings remained open.

Should the situation in Syria become a crisis that requires evacuation, the government will help Canadians in the country get the nearest safe haven, said spokeswoman Claude Rochon.

“The government of Canada may assist Canadians in leaving a country as a last resort, when all means of commercial or personal transportation have been exhausted,” Rochon said.

“At this time, means of commercial or personal transportation have not been exhausted in Syria. In fact, airports and other transportation systems in Syria are working normally.”

Rochon said there are about 870 Canadians registered with the Embassy in Damascus, but there are estimated to be 5,000 Canadians in Syria.

On Saturday, the Department of Foreign Affairs urged Canadians to avoid travelling to Syria, and urged those already there to leave........

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