Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conspiracy theories make the world go round the bend .... merrily, merrily round the bend

TV broadcasters and personalities talk stuff that don't make sense to us at any given time .... but only when they stammer  in broken words and sentences .... then it's a conspiracy?    However, when  taken in a dose of 5 minutes or more .... it's mind blowing intelligence and the Gospel truth.  Right?!!  Trust the Numero Uno Sensation Seeker  the DailyMail UK to ask if  "government microwave mind control tests are causing TV presenters' brains to meltdown?"   Man-oh-man !!!       And, what are the bets that people will believe this rubbish ?

 A bizarre spate of television presenters dissolving into on-air gibberish   has sparked claims that the U.S. military could be to blame.

In four high-profile cases, the latest involving fast-talking Judge Judy, the presenters have started off speaking properly but have then descended into undecipherable nonsense - looking confused and unstable.......

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