Thursday, April 14, 2011

In other news besides the unwanted election in Canada

1) Sun TV will be hugely welcomed into our homes from Monday, April 18. ...."Most important, is not to be intimidated by political correctness, " Worthington writes in a column dated April 9, posted online.

"Newspapers are losing circulation, in part because they fear controversy. The media won't tackle the Muslim issue realistically, won't analyse the black crime honestly, avoids anything that might upset the arrogance of some in the 'gay' community, avoids offending official language issues, is uneasy at analysing immigration problems, fears delving into the effects of multiculturalism."...

2) BRICS want to bury the US dollar.... deep, deep.   They are also criticizing's NATO's actions in Libya.

3) Qatar, the owners of Al JazeeraTV,  are now the official whores  for the Libyan rebels. Qatar has marketed 1 million barrels of Libyan crude oil on behalf of Libya's rebels, and delivered four shipments of petroleum products to the eastern port of Benghghazi, the Qatari state news agency QNA said on Tuesday.

3) Good news for Israel. ...Now, it turns out, even more fuel is being added to Israel's energy fire -- so to speak -- with the equally stunning news that the country may hold the world's third largest quantities of shale oil -- behind the US and China, both of whom would consume almost all of their own production -- meaning Israel could indeed become the world's largest exporter of shale oil -- hence the comparison to Saudi Arabia. Israel a global super power in energy?....

4) So.... the failed country of Pakistan want to let go of the clutches they are hobbling on and fall flat on their face, eh?  They think they can do without the billions of dollars sent their way by the USA and NATO, eh? Pakistan has asked the CIA to all but shut down its operations in that country, .      h/t: MFdemanding that the U.S. intelligence agency pull out 335 officers and contractors currently based there. Included in that number are Special Forces advisers to the Pakistani security forces. Even in the worst days of the Cold War when the Soviet Union and the United States regularly declared each other's spies persona non grata, there was never an expulsion on this scale. And let's not forget that Pakistan is supposedly an ally

5) Ah... the perils of the poor seeking employment in rich Saudi Arabia!! .... A young Sri Lankan woman working as a maid .                                h/t: MFin the worst hellhole on earth has her life hanging by a thin thread. She is accused of strangling her employers' four month old baby although that is apparently not the case

6) Bahraini woman goes on hunger strike and writes to Obama. And, I just read somewhere that Bahrain has gone to court to dissolve the opposition party of Shiites. I feel sorry for this gal. As if the moslem Prez who bowed down so very, very, very, very deep and low to the Saudi king will ever pay any attention to her. The US, and sad to say Canada too, have placed their fortunes with the wahhabi dictators.... the same countries who time and time again, flood our countries with hatred towards infidels, are the same countries that our honchos have gone to bed with.  Go figure.                           h/t: MF

7) The Yemeni rebellion is losing protestors on a daily basis.... all going to their 72 virgins in one big hurry helped on their way by the govt. issued bullets all courtesy of Saudi Arabia.

8) Anyone know which country was the first to reach Japan with a "field hospital" Come on....take a guess.                              h/t: Steve

9) Anyone heard what happened in Sudan recently... how a car was disintegrated by a missile from a helicopter? There's a lot our western countries can learn from Israel, her.and Israeli consultants to the western world should be paid in millions for the type of effective intelligence like evidenced here. Instead of going to wars, the important pieces of the warfare should be eliminated like Israel does and has been doing to keep herself safe from the enemy nations around

10) How to fight the Taliban .... the British way.

11) Syrian dictator thinks of new ways to control the uprising. Cracking down on protestors, violently, worked for Bahrain and Suadi Arabia ... so why not? Dictators learn from one another pretty quick.

12) In weird news: India microtags performing snakes.                  h/t: MF

13) What's going on with the thousands of Namibian refugees ?           via: CIR flooding Canadian cities. Is there a human smuggling ring importing these fake refugees

14) The most bizzare murders and the most cold blooded killers are right here on our own tuft ... not down south in the USA. Edmonton filmmaker Mark Twitchell has been found guilty of killing and dismembering a man in a scene reminiscent of his own movie script. A jury convicted Twitchell of first-degree murder in the brutal slaying of Johnny Altinger after deliberating for only five hours on Tuesday.

15) Some people just don't know when they have had enough. Vessel involved in deadly raid in May 2010 scheduled to take part in another flotilla ....                               h/t: Steve to Gaza Strip next month, IHH declares. Total of 15 ships to participate in 'Freedom flotilla 2'

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