Sunday, April 10, 2011

In other news besides the unwanted election in Canada

1) A global assortment of radical Islamists held an online conference last weekend, calling for the destruction of the West and the violent implementation of Islamic law. It isn't clear how many people tuned in to the Rise of Islam Conference 2011, but many of the speakers are considered fringe elements, even among Islamists. They represented English-speaking Islamist groups from all over the world. Jamaican Islamist Abdullah al-Faisal and British leaders Abu Izzadeen and Anjem Choudary hammered home their views about why and how Islam will dominate the world. But American Abdullah Younus Muhammad, currently living in Morocco, took the spotlight with his open endorsement of al-Qaida's war on the West.....

2) Syrian uprising not letting up. Another bloody day in Syria, especially after the moslem recite their satanic verses otherwise known as Friday prayers, in their hellish mosques. ....Witnesses said the worst clashes began after demonstrators marched from three mosques in the southern city of Deraa after Friday prayers. ....At least 23 protesters have been killed during anti-government rallies in the southern Syrian city of Deraa, witnesses have told the BBC.....

3) What a shutdown of the US govt might have given us. ....Before November 15, 1995, Clinton and Lewinsky had never had an actual conversation, though she later asserted they had engaged in “intense flirting” through eye contact. During the shutdown, all but ninety of the 430 employees of the White House were furloughed, so unpaid interns took up the slack. Lewinsky was assigned to the office of Leon Panetta, the chief of staff, just down a corridor from the Oval Office. Clinton spent most of the day negotiating with congressional leaders, and he popped in and out of Panetta’s office several times. To Lewinsky’s credit, she never portrayed herself as any kind of victim of Clinton’s advances. Indeed, her own account of that day demonstrated how hard she tried to seduce the president. Her efforts began with a now-famous gesture. Noting that Clinton was alone for a moment in Panetta’s office, she lifted her jacket and gave the president a quick glance at the top of her thong underwear, which showed above the waist of her pants. Clinton, Lewinsky recalled, smiled enigmatically....                    h/t: Irene

4) And, if you thought everything was nice and quiet and calm in Egypt after the "revolution" ... think again. HAHAHHAH Arabs and democracy ?    HAHAHHAHA  ....  Dream away. Hundreds of soldiers beat protesters  . with clubs and fired into the air in the predawn raid on Tahrir Square in a sign of the rising tensions between Egypt's ruling military and protesters

5) You gotta read this to believe it. California: Judge Upholds Racial Quotas for Highway Contracts Federal judge approves set asides and racial quotas for transportation contracts in California.

A federal judge last week granted the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) the right to discriminate against white business owners and men when awarding contracts. The Pacific Legal Foundation had filed suit against the department on behalf of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of San Diego, insisting that its racial quota program violated the voter-approved Proposition 209 prohibition on race- and sex-based preferences in public contracting, employment and education. US District Court Judge John Mendez weighed the arguments, denied the Pacific Legal Foundation's motion and granted summary judgment in favor of Caltrans.....      h/t: Irene

6) Alliston,Ontario .... suffering with the rest of Ontario under Dimwit Dalton .... I am at a loss to understand how anybody with even one ounce of sense will vote Liberal in the coming election. If they do... then they will deserve to go bankrupt. ....The provincial government's own figures show that by 2012-13, it will owe a total of $290 billion. The problem is what is not included in this figure.

When the province assumed our town's pipeline debt of $40 million dollars, the debt didn't disappear. It was shuffled off into another account. There are thousands of such pools of borrowed money hidden away from scrutiny, deficits from Worker's Compensation, Hydro and the amounts borrowed to build schools and hospitals....

7) ...Libya accused Britain of damaging an oil pipeline in an air strike, hours after rebels said government attacks had halted production of oil they hope to sell to finance their uprising.

"British warplanes have attacked, have carried out an air strike against the Sarir oilfield which killed three oilfield guards and other employees at the field were also injured," Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim told reporters. There was no immediate comment from Britain's Ministry of Defence or from NATO, which is coordinating air strikes to protect civilians in Libya from Moammar Gadhafi's forces. Kaim said the strike damaged a pipeline connecting the oilfields to the Marsa el Hariga port. "There is no doubt this aggression ... is against international law and is not covered by the UN resolution," he said.....

8) NATO blows to bits their partners once again... the Al Qaeda heavy rebels are killed in error by NATO. "Lucky" number 13 the first friendly fire also got 13 of the Al Qaeda-heavy rebel army. Good going NATO - keep it up. Cheers !!! Rebels in eastern Libya say their forces have been mistakenly hit in an air attack by Nato jets. .Doctors in Ajdabiya told the BBC at least 13 rebel fighters had been killed by the strike on a rebel tank position. Civilians are reported to be fleeing Ajdabiya after rumours spread that Gaddafi's forces were preparing to attack the city

9) Can you believe this crap from AP !!!  If you are against animal cruelty you can be branded as "xenophobic" and "far right".    Associated Press .... you are full of garbage and crappy reporters. We can clearly see how the reportage is trying to lump Jews and Moslems together. The difference, dear Associated Press morons, is this: Moslems will come out in protests and start slaughtering humans, Jews will not. ...One of Europe's first countries to allow . Jews to practice their religion openly may soon pass a law banning centuries-old Jewish and Muslim traditions on the ritual slaughter of animals

In the Netherlands, an unlikely alliance of an animal rights party and the xenophobic Freedom Party is spearheading support for the ban on kosher and halal slaughter methods that critics say inflict unacceptable suffering on animals.

The far right's embrace of the bill, which is expected to go to a parliamentary vote this month, is based mostly on its strident hostility toward the Dutch Muslim population. The Party of the Animals, the world's first such party to be elected to parliament, says humane treatment of animals trumps traditions of tolerance.....

And, I wonder if the gunman who went on a rampage yesterday killing innocent people at a mall in Amsterdam had anything to do with the ban. I won't be surprised  if  some blogger gives us the dirty on this latest killing spree .... the MSM  will definitely not !!!

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