Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your "blood boiling" reading for the day

Did you hear the one about the country that fined a stand-up comic $15,000 for heckling back at a heckler?

There's a comment at the article  by a moron and I wish I had indepth  knowledge of the issue to hit back at the stupid idiot and tell him what's what. 

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  1. It's an interesting case, doubly so when one reads the actual judgement document. The framing of the incident as "the performer heckling back" is wrong if one takes the facts contained in the final document at face value. Since many don't appear to accept those facts as accurate, it is unlikely that any meaningful discussion is forthcoming between the two sides and thus the case won't really be discussed on the merits. This phenomenon is prevalent nowadays...disagreement on the facts and terms before one can even argue whether one position is right or wrong.

    It's not a good time for reason and reasonable people IMO.


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