Sunday, April 17, 2011

CBC reporter Neil MacDonald .... dumb as dumb can be

Are we really paying the CBC 1 Billion+ annually of taxpayer money?   For what ?

Is this called reporting ?
Neil MacDonald manages to find a Libyan who states "Gaddafi is like the Israelis" and then reports on that. How is Gaddafi like the Israelis?

Israel .... you have been taking too much for too long and taking it silently.  It's about time you started filing suits against anybody and everybody tarnishing your name.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  file a suit against CBC and Neil MacDonald.  You will be doing a big favor to countless Canadians.

Go here to see a list of biased reporting from this dumbo .... compiled by Honest Reporting who were vigilant enough to catch the latest outrageous innuendo.


  1. I have always switched off this jacka$$ when his ugly mug appears on any program I happened to see, mostly because he is a virulent bigot and nothing close to a reporter.

    The ugly truth, that the tax payer funded CBC employs this vile hatemonger and just shuffled him off Israel-centered stories, in no way obviates their complicity in their nazi-like attacks on Israel.

    Why are Canadian tax payers being forced to air lies about Israel on TV "news" programs with useful idiots like Mr. MacDonald spewing hatred out of their lying mouths at every opportunity?

  2. I encourage everyone to join the mailing lists of both Honest Reporting as well as Honest Reporting Canada. They bring to light much of MSM's outrageous bias.

    Complain directly to the CBC:


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