Friday, April 1, 2011

Nice, eh?!

Am I wrong when I insist that Canada's future is totally bleak.

....More than 400 Namibians have sought refugee status in Canada over the last six months prompting suspicions an African alien smuggling ring is at work, border agents say.

Officers of the Canada Border Services Agency said as many as 10 to 15 Namibians on some nights are arriving at Pearson International Airport to file refugee claims.

The Namibians, who do not require a visa to enter Canada, are written up in a report and given dates to return for refugee hearings, which can take more than a year.  During that time they’re eligible for welfare, some OHIP and dental work and subsidized housing, the officers said.

Most of the Namibians are arriving from Paris and other European cities on Air Canada, and Alitalia flights.

The claimants allege they are fleeing “traditional issues” that can include violence for being lesbian, female gender mutilation and forced marriages with older men. .....

via: CIR

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  1. 'eliglible for welfare, some OHIP and dental work and subsidized housing' - are they giving the same deal to destitute locals, or is this just for non-residents?


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