Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Toronto, we believe in "people power" that's how we got Mayor Rob Ford elected ....

and that's how we will throw out the Liberals from this Province .... so far, far, far away .... it will take them a hundred years or more to crawl back into this  city and into this Province to do it any more damage.

....The good news is that the world has changed beyond our boundaries as well. New tools are available to assist government partnerships with the private sector. Other municipalities are willing to share their experiences in service delivery. And the public says that it is willing to give other options a try, including the reduction of services.

These are big ideas, and form the main theme of this administration. How well it works in our lives depends not only on the single mindedness of the mayor - of that we can be certain - but also his skill in establishing new models, and willingness of residents to adapt to change. ...

And, talking about "people power" ...   this is a good vid to distribute to everyone in your email lists.  Conservatives believe in "people power" .

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