Friday, April 29, 2011

Canadian craziness aka Canadian election seen through American eyes

Bruce Walker at American Thinker says among other things: ......Canadian business and conservative Canadians know what to expect with the "Grits" or Liberal Party. It has held power for most of the last twenty years. They also know Harper and his party, which has governed since 2006. The New Democratic Party, however, would pursue policies very much like Obama and his minions. Layton would try to use the public treasury to spend away every problem of life. Tax rates would jump. All the grim decline which has followed Obama's policies would be replicated in Canada.

Should that matter to us? Yes, emphatically, it should. Canada under Harper has been one of the few bright spots; some might say the only bright spot, in the democratic West. The Canadian Prime Minister has been as clear in denouncing anti-Semitism as any Western leader, including our own Obama. The Canadian dollar is doing well. The public finances of the nation are good. Our neighbor to the north, our greatest trading partner and closest ally, has one of the largest economies in the world, and Canada is by far the largest producer of oil among the stable Western world. We take Canada for granted -- we nearly always take Canada for granted -- but Canada is a vitally important country to America........

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