Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ann Barnhardt is a big dose of vitamins for women like me

You Go Girl !!!   The truth might hurt some skinless people.  Better to hear it than to keep it on the back burner of your closed minds.  I have added Ann Barnhardt to my list of heros .... a list that is dominated with female names.   Need I say more ?

via: vlad tepes


  1. Kinda makes a guy want to move to Colorado I`m tellin you. Comments are off at youtube so I`ll say it here. Congratulations and thank you for saying what many think but do not know how to express properly as you do.

  2. Bob - actually, she has received a lot of supportive comments. If you go to YouTube and click into her YouTube account, just below the vid, it will take you to her page where people are commenting because the page with the vids is disabled for commenting.


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