Saturday, April 30, 2011

Calling Scarborough-Rouge River voters ...

Your Vote for Marlene Gallyot is your voice in Parliament

There is an open seat available in your riding as a longtime Liberal MP has decided not to run.

The best candidate who should get your vote on May 2  is 48-year old Marlene Gallyot.  Marlene is a true "multicult" in the makeup of her DNA itself.  Born in India and having Indian, Scottish and French descent, she is fluent in several languages including Tamil, Hindi and Farsi.

She works as an immigration consultant and is involved in upholding the welfare of children by her involvement in the Christian Children's Fund Canada and the Universal Youth Foundation. She is also an active member of the Canadian Chinese Business Association.

Scarborough-Rouge River voters.... now is the time for you to see what is possible with a Conservative MP representing you and your voice in Parliament after the years and years of Liberal monopoly in your riding. It is time to choose the party that stands for justice, a party that  is hard on crime but  fair on punishment, a party that kept Canada from a deeper economic nightmare and the party that has the only fiscal policy that will keep us from going under. This is a party that might  anger you at times but  it's the party that can also keep us sane.  Get the change you deserve in Scarborough-Rouge River.... Vote for Marlene Gallyot.

Please send this inform to all your friends or relatives living in the Scarborough-Rouge River area.

Disclosure from blogger: Above post made possible with info gleaned  from InsideToronto website.

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