Saturday, April 30, 2011

Calling Toronto's Scarborough-Guildwood riding voters

Your vote for Conservative candidate Chuck Konkel  would mean that your voice will be heard loud and clear on Parliament Hill. 

Ask yourself how much good has the Lib MP John McKay done for you. Has he kept the Liberal govt of McGuinty from increasing your property taxes or any other taxes. Haven't  the Liberals in fact introduced additional taxes in Ontario?  Have you asked yourself where your hard-earned tax dollars are going under a Liberal Ontario?  A chunk of that  money go to build more wind mills and very soon those same wind mills might come to your beautiful part of Toronto thus reducing the resale value of your homes as well as playing havoc with the scenery and the landscape. If that's what you want ... then go ahead and vote for the Lib MP for yet another term.

What has the Conservative govt done for Scarborough-Guildwood you ask?   Plenty and it will keep doing so in future.  The Conservatives have invested more than 30 Million at your local campuses of both the University of Toronto and Centennial College. Over and besides, they have invested in several projects for new immigrants and small business owners in and around your riding. How about the Rouge Valley National Park that is in the works and will become an important landmark of Toronto?  These are the kind of practical projects that you can expect from the Conservatives, not daydreams like you have been promised by the Liberals.

The Conservative candidate Chuck Konkel is a veteran police officer and a degree holder in international relations. He is also a lecturer at several educational institutions and is the best selling author of the thriller "Evil Never Sleeps" besides many other works.

May 2 .... choose wisely. Choose a real positive change. Choose to throw out John McKay and replace him with someone who has your interests and only your interests at heart.... Vote Chuck Konkel.

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